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IV Produkt Online – March 2021
AHU solution for office and production facilities

Welcome to a digital presentation about the future of air handling! Access knowledge on how a good indoor climate and smart ventilation can improve health, increase productivity while at the same time being a profitable investment. Also, join the grand opening of our new facilities.


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(26 min)

How does the indoor climate affect people's health, wellbeing, learning and performance? How can a green investment be profitable? And how does our own ventilation solution look like? Get answers to these questions and participate in the grand opening of 5,500 sqm of facilities!

Part 1: Intro (2 min)


Part 2: Welcome to IV Produkt Online
Bernd Hake (1 min)


Part 3: The importance of a good indoor climate
Bernd Hake (4 min)


Part 4: IV Produkt's own air handling solution – Office building
Manuel Swärd (5 min)

Part 5: IV Produkt's own air handling solution – Cooled production facilities
Bernd Hake (2 min)


Part 6: IV Produkt's own air handling solution – Profitability example
Bernd Hake (5 min)


Part 7: Three dimensions of sustainability
Manuel Swärd (4 min)


Part 8: Grand opening of our new production facilities
Mattias Sjöberg and Ulf Södergren (3 min)


Ask us your questions

During this live event, we received many great questions. Please contact us if you have any thoughts that you would like to discuss!

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