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IV Produkt Online – November 2021
Fresh and cool air in padel hall

Welcome to a digital presentation from Åhus Padelcourt, one of many experiences at Kristianstad Golf Club. Together with the project manager, players and CEO, we get to experience a good indoor climate with cooled ventilation which improves performance.



Watch IV Produkt Online – November 2021

(8 min)

Presenter: Bernd Hake, International Sales IV Produkt

Curious to know more about smart ventilation in sports facilities? Watch our 8-minute digital presentation!

Learn this and more:

  • What air flow is recommended per padel court?
  • How does an air handling unit with cooling recovery work during summer?
  • What opportunities are there to control the air handling units remotely?


No shortcuts ventilation

The project manager shares his experiences with ventilation in padel halls.


Observations of the players

A group of padel players reflect over the connection between indoor climate and performance.


A 3-in-1 solution

We explore the solution of cooling, heating and ventilation in the same air handling unit.



The owners focus on indoor climate

The CEO of Sweden’s third highest ranked golf course gives reasons for indoor investments.


Ideal solution for sports halls

Join us for a technical walkthrough of an air handling unit with cooling recovery.




Watch the video


Drone footage: Per Nilsson, TeeParty


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